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dairy fair

Camping La Dordogne Verte : Foire De La Laitière
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Fair classified as Intangible Heritage of France.

The birth of this fair is difficult to establish but we know that it was created from time immemorial. Some have said that it is the fruit of meetings of brigands in the forest of Double. It is said that the robbers met on fixed dates (April 30, June 17, July 17, August 10 and September 10), to exchange the proceeds of their thefts with companions from neighboring regions, and that they could thus better sell in their fiefdoms goods unknown to the natives.

COGNAC DE ST AULAYE and therefore the opening on COGNAC a unique spirit Its circuit has been part of the list of “10 most beautiful trails in Périgord” since 2020. A “Terra Aventura” treasure hunt also allows you to
discover the bastide in a fun way by solving puzzles in order to find the cache where the Poïz are. Saint-Aulaye-Puymangou, land of Cognac in Périgord… Saint-Aulaye-Puymangou has belonged to the AOC Cognac since the appellation was created in 1909. The town decided to plant vines in 1999 to produce cognac and preserve the appellation. In 2014, the cognac was distilled at Maison Camus and then aged in the château’s cellars. It has been on sale at the Town Hall and shops in the town since 2019.